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Software Testing Services: 

Maarag-Tech is aimed to help your software automation testing project grow in efficient and productive way based on proven method:


  • Software Testing Automation Services

  • Software  testing automation project outsourcing

    • Convert manual test plan/test cases to automation process

    • Design and write automated test plan/cases from scratch

    • Integrate automatic testing with existing testing infrastructure

  • Design and implement software automation infrastructure

  • Customized to your technology and organizational processes

  • Execute and monitor automatic testing through software release cycles


  • Software testing methodology, consulting and mentoring

  • Design and implement software  testing processes and management tools

    • Test plan/case management (planning/writing/execution/reporting)

    • Software  bugs lifecycle management

    • Requirements coverage traceability

    • Testing process interface with R&D ,Marketing  and Support

    • Software  testing performance and quality METRICS

    • Constant Improvement process based on Failure Analysis and  Corrective Action (FACA)

  • Testing methodology training and coaching

  • Training program for software  testing

  • SQA Managers/Leaders coaching (Coaching by results)  אימון ממוקד תוצאות למנהלים

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