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Service business Plan – develop a business plan that will lay out services offerings, business growth, and road map per product, customer,

territory, to reach these objectives.

Services Strategy – define the company strategy for specific product and customers.  Focus on innovative  services that will increase growth, margin and quality.

Service 01

Service 02

Service 03

Service 04

Service Analysis – analyze current situation, in a number of methods,

identify gaps, and prioritize actions based on company strategy and goals.

Tools and Implementation – provide effective services KPI's, workflows, processes, measurement tools to insure customer's SLA :

                  Review /deploy CRM operation, and SLA monitoring
                  Review /develop training programs and certifications

                  Review / create RMA policies, service contracts and

                  cusotmer statisfactrion surveys

                  Generate statistic reports for managment


​Innovation life cycle offering:​

​In the new global economy, multidisciplinary knowledge and capabilities are required for gaining competitive advantages and foster innovation.

Within this new business environment, disruptive innovation have a central role in driving new processes and acquiring new skills.  These skills foster design thinking in companies, encompassing creative, proactive and emphatic approach to connect different disciplines of knowledge in order to shape innovative solutions.

Maarag-Tech is aimed to work together with companies who are looking to change their mindset and undergo a strategic shift to innovate their products, services and business model.  

We use proven innovation methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup to follow the innovation life cycle:

     Discover / Define the problem's stakeholders

     Develop / Deliver the solution after prototyping and validation


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